Your consultation
Your Discovery starts with a deep reflection of self.  Our initial  ask you to reflect on your present conditions and symptoms.  We will explore questions about sleep, focus, energy, mental well being and digestion.  This establishes how stress is showing up.    Dr. Scott will begin his evaluation that has been called "the System".  This kinesthetic technique helps estabilsh your current and past Chemical, Mental/Emotional and phyisical stressors.  A program to neutralize stress shifting you away from fight or flight and towards rest or digest will be recommended.  Your program begins when you are ready.
Care Visits
Using "the system" to identify and harmonize the body will highlight which  techniques to use.  This creates a true customized treatment that differs from visit to visit. "I use a multi-sensory approach to balance the brain and nerve function with the intention of taking you out of survival and into a state of healing."  Using a mulititude of techniques based on the latest science and understanding of how humans heal we can have breakthroughs with the most challenging health problems.  Techniques include Chiropractic adjustments, Cranial bone adjusting, extremity adjusting (feet to hands), tuning forks, oils, energy, soft tissue, and prescribed exercises.
Your room awaits
Using the latest in science and an understanding that sound and light can heal we have created the healing room.  Your skin has photoreceptors that absorb light and your eye can distinguish 7 million colors using light we transform your treatment into a sensory experience.   We then layer sound vibrations and music that have been shown to change brain function.  The heal room helps you feel the benefits of your healing for a much longer period.  
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Lay on the beds bathed in color lights and ocean sounds that help you relax and release.
My Story
"I went to Dr. Scott because he was different then all the chiropractors I had met before. My initial experience helped reinforce that there is no one like Scott.  He was able to discover some of my greatest hidden health challenges.  After coming for several weeks I have noticed more energy, better sleep, and joy."
Aidan L
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