"I went home that day after his amazing adjustment feeling so much joy and internal calmness"

Feb 2019

My name is Rachel, a practicing Chiropractor in Toronto. I first heard about Dr.Scott while I was still a student in Chiropractic college, a good friend of mine shared in a class about her experience shadowing a mentor doctor. All I remembered from her presentation that day was this doctor in Toronto that she received care from for years is a brain based Chiropractor with the best adjusting hands she knows of. Fast forward almost a year later, as a new doctor in practice, I found myself exhausted and in pain after a year of many changes and transitions. My body was in desperate need of care. I finally reached out to my friend and asked about Dr. Scott’s information. 
Ten minutes into meeting him I knew how unique he is as a chiropractor. His warmth, compassion and absolute presence makes me feel I was gonna be okay again. For the first time in a long time, I feel supported and I knew I’m in good hands. As a doctor that facilitate healing for patients myself, I know how essential this feeling is, this level of certainty that patients look for. I went home that day after his amazing adjustments feeling so much joy and internal calmness. For the first time in a few months, I slept like a baby that night and woke up completely rested.
My friend was right, this was the best adjustment I’ve ever experienced. Now being a patient myself I can appreciate just how powerful good adjustments can be.
When the right adjustment is given at the right place and right time, it is completely life changing!
Three weeks after that first adjustment, I went back to Dr. Scott after an excruciating low back disc herniation flare up. This time, Dr. Scott took care of me for weeks, helped me relieve pain within a few adjustments and I became functional at work again. I’m truly grateful for Dr. Scott’s incredible generosity and abundance. As a patient, you only wish is that you can meet a doctor that truly wants the best for you. And that’s what I experienced with every interaction I’ve had with him. His extraordinary level of skill and compassion inspires me to better myself everyday in my own practice.    
I’m so thankful for experiencing his care first hand and witness how amazing when Chiropractic at its best can be! 
 Dr. Boyan Zhang (Rachel), D.C, BSc
Clinic Address: 212 Steeles Ave E, Thornhill, ON L3T 1A6