I am...

I am a seeker of knowledge and 
experience.  I graduated in 1996 with a passion to learn from the greatest mentors in Chiropractic.  My first 15 years was focused on skills, technique, and diagnosis.  The next phase of growth came from shifting my focus to myself.  Taking workshops in meditation, source resonance, reiki and other healing modalities.  My biggest shift came after I was certified in ADD/ADHD. The brain became my obsession and as a Chiropractor we are one of the best professions to affect brain function.  During this cognitive evolution of mine I focused on becoming an amazing doctor. This is my Scott 1.0 phase.  
Scott 1.0
I am awakening to the energy
within me and around me. Through my personal challenges I started to seek ways to keep myself calm, discover who I was and to ask bigger questions, this lead me to my becoming Scott 2.0.  This awakening began in 2016 and was an inward journey that lead me to now.  Some of my biggest shifts occurred after being introduced to Dr. Joe Dispenza.  His workshops combine the understanding of Quantum Physics with the wisdom of Meditation.  During 2017 I studied Quantum Physics with Resonance Academy and further dove deep into Dr. Joe's advanced courses.  My meditation practice became a part of my morning routine.  This daily meditation, discovering quantum energy and setting the intention to expand myself brought Scott 2.0 into reality.
Scott 2.0
 I See You :)