The jouney is filled with mystism.  I am grateful to be witnessing it with you.


Activate Love began October 2017. It was the Joe Dispenza workshop in Cabos, called Lucid dreaming.  I had just came back from Burning Man 4 weeks prior and decided I would get a tattoo of my logo for zeroone.  I ordered 45 temporary tattoos and wanted to see where I would like to put it.  I started wearing it and liked the feeling and even some of the attention.  I then thought on the heels of burning man (gifting economy) I then printed 1000 symbols so I could gift them to the other Dispenza tribe.  The response was really not what I had expected.  We thought we had printed a logo but what we had printed was a symbol of love.  And the journey began to discover what is the Symbol.  What does zeroone stand for?  What do we do to keep grounded? How we (Neil and Scott (AKA Sass) have had to go through our own greatest tranformation? 
Why all you need is love.
How did this depends how far back we go.

February 2017, Tampa Florida 
Neil and Scott (Sass) are in Tampa Florida for an Advanced workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza.  There are 750 people attending, and this is the first day, first seating.  The workshop has you pick where you are sitting by putting your hand into a bag and grabbing a token, the chances of us sitting in the same row would be 1 in 40.  On the flip side of the Token is an intention of the day, ours was Alchemy.  (insert token photo here) After our first meditation, we noticed how impactful meditating together was versus when you meditate alone at home.  After talking we decided that we would create technology that would bring the awareness of everyone who is meditating. We continued brainstorming and returned to Toronto on February 8th.  This began the journey of zeroone.