The Quantum Resonance Activation Symbol (QRas), with its active visual geometry, carries the frequency of love.

Through the sharing of thesymbol we have a visual reminder that we choose love.  
When shared in groups it creates a coherence that is seen from one another.

Since launching January 2018 we have gifted over 80,000 temporary tattos world wide.


thesymbol on this plane we bring, intertwined with sacred rings, to draw us in, and keep us near, to ancient force so bright and clear.
Across the land, linked hand in hand, the tribe combines, profound and grand, to bring upon this wakened place, loving grace throught true embrace.
The energy flows, from skin to soul, resonating like singing bowls.
To heal, to shine, to light  the line, upon which love yields to divine.
To know the force that giveth thee, the inner wisdom to be free.
The power within, from rings without, activated whats all about, from core to shell , through inner well, activating the healing spell.
Known to all, from ancient grace, returned and gifted to this place, for all to have and all to hold, the true wisdom gone untold.
One within, for all without, connected through a cosmic bout, which once was here, but now is past, together we are, at long last.
The key be drawn upon the skin, for all to feel as One true Kin.
To heal within and connect without, all together in tone we shout. Lighting up the true north skies, discovering long lost lies, awake we are to see the pain which ultimately we once laid, upon us here to feel the flow and return once to the glow.
We had it then, we have it now, and in between we forgot somehow, so now we wake, to see the light, which all along was in plain sight.  
We are, we have, and always still, the true source be through our divine will.
Neil November 7, 2017

thesymbol poem was written 2 weeks after
the first gifting of the temporary tattoo.
Sharing love, sharing thesymbol
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The zeroone activate love community is world wide.  In one year the symbol has been passed along from peroson to peroson as each shares love with another.  By placing the tattoo of thesymbol on each other you share love with friends, families, groups and strangers, then the moment lives on  as you are left  with a visual imprint.   

"Linked hand in hand the tribe combines profound and grand"